Server maintenance

Our server managed services package covers a range of health checks, security updates, and back-up checking as well as regular reporting. Through regular maintenance, we aim to specifically minimise the risk of unplanned downtime, keep security standards high and keep your servers running in an orderly fashion.
For more information on our server maintenance options contact our sales team.

Workstation maintenance

Our workstation managed services package is specifically designed to keep your workstation system software up-to-date and secure. It also keeps your workstation systems running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, preventing software faults and infection outbreaks.
For more information on our workstation maintenance options contact our sales team.

Our most popular IT management services relate to planning, auditing, review and documentation.

As a customer of ours, you will have your own account manager who personally manages service delivery and works closely with you to understand your needs and advise you on the provision of services that are the best match for your business.